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> About FENICS
FENICS is a division of GFI Group Inc., a leading provider of wholesale brokerage services and trading support products in a multitude of global cash and derivatives markets.


GFI is one of the few wholesale brokers that offers a broad array of data and analytics products to participants in the complex financial markets in which we specialize.

GFI draws on FENICS’ knowledge and experience gained from over 25 years of providing intuitive price discovery software to currency derivative markets. Its ability to deliver powerful and accurate price discovery and revaluation is boosted by GFI’s presence as an important independent intermediary in OTC markets. FENICS analytics is supported with an abundance of independent market data sourced directly from GFI’s trading systems.

FENICS’ leading foreign exchange option pricing and analysis tool is licensed for use at over 350 client sites worldwide, financial institutions and corporations.

FENICS operates from offices in London, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Shanghai.

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