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Business Solutions for the Sales User
FENICS Sales, is a component available within FENICS Professional, that offers a complete sales solution in one platform. FENICS Sales assists sales teams to sell more effectively and enhance customer service by facilitating business flows, maximizing profit margins and quoting competitive, indicative prices quickly, all without depending upon a trader.

  • Accurate price discovery 
  • Fast, accurate price discovery of vanilla and a range of exotic options
  • Utilize quality maths models, developed by both FENICS and independent modeling specialists, with prices verified against actual traded prices from GFI's brokerage desks
  • FENICS Pricing

  • Efficient price distribution 

  • Quickly confirm the details of an option with a client through the FENICS Sales request monitor
  • Easy-to-use functionality such as ‘Buy-side Perspective Mode’, ‘Hedge Strategy Wizard’, ‘Execution Panel’ and ‘Request Monitor’ for direct access to trader-verified prices

  • Sales to Trader Request for Quote (FENICS Dealing) 

  • A complete electronic dealing workflow embedded with customizable dealing rules to direct requests for auto-quoting or manual intervention
  • Use same interface to request simple strategies or complex structures with hundreds of legs
  • Alerts will be shown when the status of a request changes, ensuring that no request is missed
  • FENICS Sales

  • Quote large and complex structures rapidly
  • Approved ‘Designers’ can use formulas and custom fields to define new strategies or combinations of strategies
  • Designer users can create and categorize specific versions of strategies that have been tailored to certain profiles, helping sales to select the appropriate trade idea for a given customer
  • The Trade Strategy Wizard enables sales teams to select a product based on the client's needs
  • FENICS Sales

  • Generate professional-looking term sheets and trade confirmations with a single click 

  • Term sheets can be customized with a bank's branding
  • Term sheets can be created for multiple languages, including those with non-Western characters
  • FENICS Sales automatically selects for the user the proper term sheet for the strategy being priced
  • FENICS Sales

  • Flexible reporting 

  • Run the critical reports required to monitor internal trades between inter-company teams, customer specific blotter reports, and/or ability to run pricing and analysis reports from the client’s perspective 

  • FENICS Portfolio



12 Dec 16 FENICS(r) Software Ltd. announced that Global Reach Partners, a leader in global foreign exchange, has licensed FENICS PRO, the award-winning FX derivatives workflow solution.
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30 Nov 16 FENICS voted Best Vendor for Risk Management/ Options Pricing Software category at the 2016 FX Week Best Banks Awards.
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