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FENICS® Enterprise
FENICS Enterprise is a suite of software components, able to handle the entire lifecycle of FX derivative instruments. A number of APIs and SDKs are available to allow clients to leverage existing infrastructure and deliver a variety of bespoke, mission critical, enterprise-wide solutions.

FENICS Enterprise API:

  • Pricing
  • Supports volatility interpolation and implication functionality on individual options, strategies and strips of strategies. It leverages FENICS’ market data, maths, customization APIs, holiday and other relevant static data and incorporates the FENICS business logic for FXO market conventions.

  • Ticketing
  • Allows ticket creation and query leveraging the same FENICS infrastructure as the Pricing API and uses the same XML interface.

  • Reporting
  • Enables the same extensive reporting capabilities as in FENICS Professional, with the ability to report on individual options, the net trading positions or on counterparty data programmatically.

  • Dealing/Dealing Settings
  • The Dealing API interacts with the components of FENICS Professional which are responsible for sending requests and responding to requests. This extends the sophistication of price distribution to auto dealing workflow solutions. Complimenting the Dealing API, the Dealing Settings API is designed to facilitate programmatic interaction with the components of FENICS Professional which are responsible for adding, modifying, and removing dealing rules through the FENICS Dealing Settings Screen.

  • Straight Through Processing Server (STPS)
  • This module allows the export, import and reconciliation of new or amended trade and counterparty data on a timed batch basis. The trade data can also be exported as soon as the ticket is entered. It provides unprecedented flexibility and robustness and can be customized for integration with any open back office, middle office or risk management system.



  • A number of SDKs are available in FENICS Professional.
    These SDKs allow users to:
  • Embed proprietary math models and option types
  • Apply additional security and business logic
  • Create proprietary workflows within FENICS Professional
  • Create additional fields for reference or calculated values
  • Create suggested strategies and structures via a wizard for marketing to clients or solving specific hedging requirements