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> FENICS Professional
Experience the power of FENICS Professionalâ„¢
FENICS Professional 12.4 tightly integrates pricing, distribution analytics and pre and post trade processing to allow you to manage the entire FX options lifecycle through a single platform.

  • FENICS Gateway
  • Two-way communication between your FENICS Professional 12.4 deployment and the many participants of the FX derivative world.

  • Pricing
  • Delivers the necessary tools required for fast and accurate price discovery and automated price distribution.

  •  FENICS Sales and Automated Dealing Workflows
  • Quote large and complex structures rapidly through FENICS Sales. FENICS Sales provides fast, secure distribution of strategies. FENICS Sales also supports dealing workflows for automated quote responding and execution.

  • Exotic Maths
  • A powerful collection of math models that can be used to price a number of major exotic instruments.

  • Analysis & Reporting
  • Manage the lifecycle of FX option and FX cash trades and run the critical reports required for front office portfolio management, risk management and decision support.

  • Market Data
  • GFI Market Data provides implied volatility surfaces for FX options. This data, alongside third party data, supplied by Thompson Reuters, for spot, swap and depo rates comes pre-packaged within FENICS Professional.

  • Application Program Interfaces (APIs) enable the integration of FENICS Professional 12.4 platform into your own trading environment, tailored to your specific front, middle and back office needs.