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Professional Services Implementation Group (PSIG)
The Professional Services Implementation Group (PSIG) customizes and expands the functionality of FENICS, providing value-added solutions for financial institutions.  

Our experienced business and implementation software analysts are available to help define the unique business and technical requirements of your organization. Business analysts work closely with clients' business and technology staff to identify how FENICS can be used to integrate and/or enhance business processes and improve operations.

  • FENICS Enterprise APIs
  • Using the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) listed below; the FENICS APIs allows users to access key FENICS functionality programmatically through custom connections and interfaces. Users can transmit information in and out of FENICS; integrating their own tools and power other systems with FENICS technology.
  • Ticketing
  • Market Data
  • Reporting
  • Dealing
  • Straight Through Processing
  • Pricing

  • FENICS Professional SDKs
  • FENICS Professional can be customized in a number of ways. PSIG can develop solutions to provide additional fields, create bespoke math and volatility models, add proprietary Greeks, math models and other client-specific functionality with the use of the number of SDKs available in FENICS Professional listed below.
  • Customization SDK
  • Security SDK
  • Dealing Engine SDK

  • Straight-through processing (STP) Solutions
  • STP enables the real-time transfer of data from FENICS Professional into third party systems. PSIG can assist customers in developing these connections for robust integration between FENICS Professional and with any open back office, middle office, or risk management system.
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  • Market data Distribution Solutions
  • The Market Data API can be used to connect to a bank's proprietary market data distribution systems. FENICS Professional technology can also be leveraged for market data distribution to third party systems.

  • Security Solutions
  • Through the Security API, FENICS Professional delivers the tools to control user rights and access to the interface's pricing and analysis settings.
  • Minimize operational risk by segregating and enforcing system access and business processes
  • Flexibility to tailor security levels according to individual business specifications

  • Mirror-Ticketing Solutions
  • Through the Customisation SDK, PSIG can develop bespoke booking solutions to generate required back-to-back or mirror tickets to represent internal positions between desks. This greatly reduces manual duplication and operation risk.