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Electrical Power

As one of the oldest and largest over-the-counter energy brokers in the world, Amerex offers comprehensive daily indicative price reports covering the North American power markets through 2019.

Why Amerex for Electrical Power data?

  • The PJM West Hub market is a Real Time (RT) product that trades frequently on ICE, the majority of the other markets we publish in our report do not trade often on ICE.
  • Provides financial power trades as either Real Time or Day Ahead (DA) pricing


Amerex offers 57 North American fixed price financial power instruments with tenors to 2019.

Some Key Facts

  • 57 North American fixed price financial power instruments within 4 regions / ISO’s: PJM, MISO, NY, SOCO, and ERCOT with terms out to 2019 for most markets and as far as 2022 for PJM West Hub
  • Primary strength is in Western pipelines such as Socal, Rockies, and AECO.
  • Basis prices are a financially settled product that essentially is a differential price between the NYMEX Henry Hub product and a pipeline’s published fixed price.
  • Amerex’s West hubs offer the most granularity.
  • In Amerex’s report PJM, AEP Dayton, NI Hub and Indiana Hub are RT; the NY Zone A, G J and Mass Hub markets are DA.
  • Amerex publishes pricing for the SOCO markets; on peak is published as a heat rate and off peak is fixed price power.
  • Amerex has ERCOT markets (Electric Reliability Council of Texas) included in their report that are physical heat rate prices. A heat rate market takes NYMEX Henry Hub and a physical or financial power contract in a combined strategy.


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