Nov, 19 2012
GFI Group Voted Broker of the Year in Commodities Business Awards Mon, 19 Nov 2012 12:20:44

GFI, Amerex and Starsupply voted best in 2012 by market practitioners

New York, November 19, 2012 – GFI Group, Inc. (NYSE: “GFIG”),  Amerex Brokers LLC and  Starsupply have been voted Commodity Broker of the Year 2012 by Commodities Now magazine in this year’s Commodity Business Awards.

This is the third consecutive year GFI Group has received the prestigious award.

The Commodity Broker Award is presented to the traditional (non-position taking) commodities broker that has shown consistent innovation and product development over the last twelve months.

Colin Heffron, President of GFI Group, said: “During this period of rapid market evolution, GFI continues to guide our clients through the changing landscape while providing the highest quality service in trading both swaps and futures. It is an honor to receive this important award for three consecutive years. All of our staff at GFI, Amerex and Starsupply, our brokers, sales people, technology and ecommerce teams, are fully committed to delivering our clients the best that can be offered in the fast evolving commodities sector”.

The Award process entailed a submission to a panel of editors, from which they selected and drew a list of nominees, where market practitioners (worldwide) were then asked to vote for companies whom they believed deserved recognition and reward for advancing commodity business expertise.

GFI Group, Amerex and Starsupply provide access to global energy and commodities markets including power, natural gas and environmental commodities through a hybrid approach that combines voice brokering with state-of-the-art electronic trading platforms: EnergyMatch® and EnergyMatch® Europe.


About GFI Group Inc.

GFI Group Inc. (NYSE: “GFIG”) is a leading provider of wholesale brokerage services, clearing services, electronic execution and trading support products for global financial markets. GFI Group Inc. provides brokerage services, market data, trading platform and analytics software products to institutional clients in markets for a range of fixed income, financial, equity and commodity instruments.

Headquartered in New York, GFI was founded in 1987 and employs more than 2,200 people with additional offices in London, Paris, Nyon, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney, Cape Town, Santiago, Bogota, Dubai, Dublin, Tel Aviv, Calgary, Los Angeles and Sugar Land (TX). GFI Group Inc. provides services and products to over 2,600 institutional clients, including leading investment and commercial banks, corporations, insurance companies and hedge funds. Its brands include GFISM GFInet®, CreditMatch®, GFI ForexMatch®, EnergyMatch®, FENICS®, Starsupply®, Amerex®, Trayport® and Kyte®.

About Amerex Brokers LLC

Founded in 1978, Amerex is a leading over-the-counter energy brokerage offering services in electricity, natural gas, emission credits and allowances, renewable energy credits, retail energy procurement, energy consulting and energy data services.

From its office in Houston, Amerex offers liquidity and timely execution to meet the needs of a global client network of more than 1,000 firms including thousands of traders and risk management professionals. For additional information, please visit

Amerex Brokers LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of GFI Group Inc. (NYSE:GFIG), a leading inter-dealer broker specializing in over-the-counter derivatives products and related securities. GFI provides brokerage services, trading system software and market data and analytics software products for a range of credit, financial, equity and commodity instruments. GFI operates one of the largest OTC energy brokerage businesses in North America both directly and through its Amerex and StarSupply businesses.


Starsupply®, a division of GFI Brokers LLC and part of GFI Group Inc., is a leading US broker of oil and related derivative and option contracts. Based in New York, GFI’s Starsupply® division `brokers all physical oil products. These include products from unfinished oils, such as crude oil and refinery intermediates, to finished products such as gasoline, jet-fuel, heating-oil and petrochemicals. Starsupply® also brokers oil product financial derivatives. These include swaps and options on crude oils and petroleum products. Starsupply® offers intermediary services to commercial and financial institutions around the world including oil corporations, refiners, trading companies, investment banks, utilities and large end-users.

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