Oct, 20 2008
Bank of New York Mellon licenses GFI FENICS® FX Mon, 20 Oct 2008 21:28:59

Global deployment for leading fx pricing and risk management system

New York – October 20 2008 – Bank of New York Mellon, an asset management and securities services company, has signed a three-year license for GFI FENICS FX – pricing and risk management software from GFI Group Inc. (Nasdaq: GFIG).

Bank of New York Mellon is using GFI FENICS FX at offices in New York, London and Tokyo for central pricing and risk management and global price distribution. Also, the bank is using FENICS FX’s STP module for straight-through processing of trade detail, rate and revaluation information between GFI FENICS FX and other systems for improved operational efficiencies and to streamline workflows.

Michael Hyland Bank of New York Mellon’s managing director of global markets, said, “GFI FENICS FX enables us to integrate multiple internal and external rate sources, giving the bank confidence it is pricing and revaluing trades and positions with the most transparent and accurate information available. Also, FENICS FX’s Structuring Module helps the bank’s sales team to design, price, and distribute complicated structures with ease.”

“GFI is delighted to add Bank of New York Mellon to the GFI FENICS client list”, said Richard Brunt, global head of GFI FENICS. “This is a great example of a bank with global reach deploying GFI FENICS FX to its full effect.”
The bank has taken the FENICS FX Pricing, Analytics, Structuring, STP, Security and Live Rates modules.

Bank of New York Mellon signed the license at the end of June and was live soon after.

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