Non-deliverable Forwards

    The terms and conditions of the swaps incorporate by reference such credit and other terms as the parties may establish through their pre-existing bilateral agreement. The swpas have the following characteristics:

    Contract Overview: An NDF is a forward contract in which the counterparties settle the difference between the NDF price or rate and the prevailing spot price or rate on an agreed upon notional amount.
    Reference Currency: Non-deliverable currency:
    CNY Chinese Renminbi
    IDR Indonesian Rupiah
    INR Indian Rupee
    KRW South Korean Won
    MYR Malaysian Ringgit
    PHO Philippine Peso
    TWD Taiwan Dollar
    VND Vietnamese Dong
    EGP Egyptian Pound
    RUB Russian Ruble
    KZT Kazakh Tenge
    ARS Argentine Peso
    BRL Brazilian Real
    CLP Chilean Peso
    COP Colombian Peso
    GTQ Guatemalan Quetzal
    PEN Peruvian Nuevo Sol
    UYU Uruguayan Peso
    VEB Venezuelan Bolivar
    Settlement Currency: See list below.
    Notional Currency: Currency iin which the contract size is expressed.
    Trade Date: The date on which the parties enter into the contract.
    Quoting Convention & Min Increment: Notional amount, agreed by the counterparties.
    Minimum Size: Notional amount, agreed by the counterparties.
    Trading Conventions: Buy or Sell which refers to the contract size expressed in notional currency.
    Forward Rate: Currency Exchange Rate expressed as the amount of Reference Currency per unit of Settlement Currency.
    Settlement Date: The date on which the option settles.
    Fixing Date: The date on which the difference between the prevailing market exchange rate and the agreed forward exchange rate is calculated.
    Settlement Procedure: Bilateral settlement performed in settlement currency.