FENICS ProfessionalTM to provide automated reporting workflow solution

New York, December 18, 2012 – GFI Group Inc. (NYSE: “GFIG) is pleased to announce that GFI FENICS® has developed an automated data report generator for FENICS ProfessionalTM users in Japan to meet new Japanese regulatory reform requirements.

A Japanese Cabinet Office Ordinance was recently put into force to reform part of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act with regard to restrictions of OTC derivatives trading. As a part of this reform, all financial institutions are required to store all trade-related information and report this information to Financial Authorities.

Mr. Aoyagi, FX Manager of Hokuetsu Bank, who has worked in partnership with FENICS to define the reporting requirements said, “Strengthened regulation against financial institutions is a need at this time, and we should make our utmost efforts to enhance efficiency to maintain competitiveness in the market. In order to reduce the work load of reporting with secured accuracy, we judged that the automated procedure was the best solution and requested that GFI FENICS complete this development”.

Atsuo Kanazawa, Head of GFI FENICS Tokyo said, “This appeal by Financial Authorities reflects the global trend to strengthen the regulation on derivative trading, and it is now a requirement for vendor systems to accommodate these demands flexibly and to provide necessary services. GFI FENICS is always ready to serve our customers changing needs, in this case to facilitate changes to regulatory reporting requirements”.

Richard Brunt, Global Head of GFI FENICS added, “GFI FENICS has evolved over the past 25 years by listening to client needs and to market trends. Once again, FENICS Professional has addressed our clients’ need to automate and enhance trader workflow. We expect this trend to continue globally as regulatory reporting continues to be at the forefront of our customers business requirements“.

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